Spring 2016 Newsletter

Hello everyone, especially all the new subscribers.
Thankyou for your interest in my work.

Jo and I are very happy with what has been happening and the response we are receiving from everyone who has visited Maleny Art Direct.
For all information about what has been happening and future events at Maleny Art Direct please visit the website www.malenyartdirect.com.au or look us up on facebook.

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Myself, Janna Pameijer and Barbara Nye are having a joint exhibition with the opening on 15th  October at 5pm. We are working with ideas to create new works which have not been seen before.

I am still very busy making  my wildlife pieces but for this exhibition I will be concentrating on pots and bowls using new techniques combining many different clays and glazes.

The colours and forms of the Australian outback will feature in my work for this exhibition. For many years I was a production thrower working in different potteries so I have thoroughly enjoyed spending alot of time back on the wheel. The process for making these new pieces is one where where you are not sure how the pieces will turn out until you open the kiln. Fortunately this has been causing much excitement rather than disappointment.

See below for a taste of what you may see.