From the moment we saw Lindsay's sculptures we were truly captured by their wonder. It is as though Lindsay has been able to take a snapshot in time of nature, and mould it with intricate detail, into an amazing life-like sculpture. His frogs, (which happen to be his speciality), lizards, snakes, possums and other creatures simply come to life amongst the foliage. Such is the incredible detail of these creatures that even their emotions can be noticed - happy, calm, or trembling with fear as they watch cautiously other intruders such as a sly slithering snake nearby.

We had the privilege of meeting Lindsay in person at his Witta Studio, purchasing initially “one” of his art pieces; (we now own, shall we say, “More than one”).  We spent hours at his studio enchanted in the magic of his craft. Our Kids are still talking about, and printing off photos, of “their frog”, that “they helped make”, with Lindsay. This was truly an awesome experience, and one I would recommend to anyone, young or old, if they get the chance.    

Our main “framed sculpture”, purchased for my 40th birthday, now takes pride of place on our living room wall. Guests, friends and relatives have been amazed by its detail, colours and “life like” look. For me, even now, I still gaze at this snapshot of nature, captured in time, as if peering through a spyglass window toward the rainforest, entranced by its beauty and wonder.

Iain and Jocelyn Mitchell,
(Toowoomba, Queensland).
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Thankyou for introducing me to the world of 3D diaramas. I now have three of your artworks and what keeps me coming back are the vivid colours, realism and personality of each piece. After completing a froggy workshop I can appreciate the time and skill you have put into each piece. The more I learn from doing my own works the more I appreciate how you bring the characters alive. You are able to combine imagination and skill to bring a lump of clay to lfe. Keep up the excellent work.

Danny Van de Walle

Always having had a strong connection with the natural world, we were captivated by Lindsay's work. Lindsay's skill and attention to detail combine to create realistic and elegant pieces. Our table is a window to the rainforest floor that we will cherish for years to come.

Valerie and Steven, Chapel Hill

" Our obsession with the artwork of Lindsay Muir started with a trip to Montville where we stumbled across a gallery with the most amazing forest scenes of frogs, snakes and lizards imaginable.
We revisited the gallery many times to look at the wall hangings, coffee tables and single pieces, all done with an eye for detail beyond anything else. Being able to watch Lindsay at work just added to the connection with the art by being able to observe a master at work.

The work resonated with our love of rainforests and the creatures that inhabit them.
Here we could have our own little slice of the natural world within our house. A small swinging frog was all we could afford at the time and he hung proudly in our house for many years.

Lindsay moved on from the gallery but we were hooked and followed his work through his associations with galleries in the area. The distinctive work was spotted as far flung as Darwin. You can always spot Lindsays work as the colouring and detail is perfect, his many imitators pale by comparison.

Piece after piece we expanded our collection always with an eye towards having a major piece like those we drooled over in Montville. As luck would have it we stumbled across Lindsay at a market and described our hope that we could do something with the coffee table made from a tree stump which was given as a wedding present.

Lindsay worked with us ti understand the types of animals we liked most and the style we were looking for. We were kept informed every step of the way as different challenges came up.
Lindsay transformed our poorly formed concept into an amazing work of art which proudly sits in our lounge. The work and detail is perfect and the envy of all visitors.

Lindsay's work is without equal and inspires wonder everytime you look."

Kerry Hawkins